Petroleum Exploration and Production
Mapping, Modeling, Volumetrics + Data Management

Petrosys provides the best mapping, 3D visualization, surface modeling, and volumetrics combination for integrating data from the wide range of applications used in petroleum exploration and production. For the latest on Petrosys visit our main web site:, email our info line or call one of our local offices.

Petrosys is a proud member of the Vela Corporation, a subsidiary of Canadian public company Constellation Software Inc. (TSE:CSU).

April 2019: Petrosys PRO 2019.1 Enhances Connectivity, Horizontal Well Mapping, and Adds Well Log Data Exchange

Visit the Petrosys web site to learn more about the wide range of enhancements added to Petrosys PRO in 2019.1, which is on early release in April 2019. This includes the exchange of well log data, ongoing streamlining of Perosys PRO interoperability in Petrel and DecisionSpace workflows; better mapping of horizontal wells; access to PostGIS databases; and some deep end improvements to our surface modeling including refinement of the lowest closing contour computation and more controls on the weighting of input data in various situations.

One Mapping System for All Your EP Workflows

Petrosys mapping provides a map canvas on which petroleum exploration and production staff can easily display well, seismic, lease, GIS, remote sensing and other data to integrate their knowledge in a way that helps teams consolidate their ideas and manage successful survey, drilling and exploitation programs. Rich display functionality targeted at the EP space allows professional geoscientists and engineers to create production quality displays giving them full control of their presentation content in time critical situations. The excellent coordinate reference system (CRS) support makes Petrosys a mandatory tool for international ventures and allows for optimal management of datum conversion on data sets related to established operations. ... read more

Have a look at some of the great maps that Petrosys users can create as layered and georeferenced PDF files - use the layer selection tool in Acrobat Reader to access the full depth of content of the maps shown.

Note: The best way of viewing layered PDF's is to use the download or save-as option in your browser to save the PDF to a local file, then use Adobe Reader to view that. Microsoft Edge won't display the PDF correctly at present, and Chrome will display but not allow access to the layered structure.

Want to see more? Check out the Big Book of Petrosys Maps on YouTube.

Lowest Closing Contours -
Gippsland Basin Australia
Regional structure map of the LaTrobe formation in the Gippsland Basin Australia showing lowest closing contours and shaded relief. Based on the DPI Victoria regional velocity model VicGCS 9 of May 2013.

Structure Map -
Teapot Dome Wyoming

Geological structure map of the Teapot Dome showing depth contours, closures, geological highs, wells and flow lines.

Volumetric Data for LSD Sections - CanadaField level oil and gas production map showing well paths and LSD sections thematically colored by oil volumes.

Digital Terrain -

Shaded topographic relief map of Colombia using SRTM data from the CGIAR project.

Reservoir Map -
Gulf of Mexico

Structure map in the offshore Gulf of Mexico around a salt dome in the Green Canyon region showing depth contours, faults, oil water contacts and other features.

Flow Lines -
Simple Structure Map

Structure map of a hypothetical structure based on 2D seismic and well data.

Surface Modeling and Visualization

Petrosys gridding estimates surfaces directly from well, seismic, and other spatial data in a geoscience tailored manner. It integrates time, depth and attribute information to determine subsurface structures and compute volumes.

Starting with a single step grid and contour computation from a directly connected data source, workflows can be easily extended with grid computations, specialized gridding methods, geostatistics, and integrated map generation to add fast repeatable subsurface modeling to your interpretation projects.

Petrosys volumetrics computations use gridded surfaces to provide gross rock volumes that can be reported for reservoir intervals, depth slices, and grouped by spatial polygons such as lease outlines.

Petrosys 3D visualisation allows you to use a collection of Petrosys grids, Landmark, GeoFrame, Petrel and other surfaces, well tracks, projected maps and raster images in compelling 3D displays. It lets you monitor the outcomes of your Petrosys surface modeling during gridding workflows. Petrosys' established display list technology is applied to the construction and manipulation of the display, providing a powerful and familiar user interface. You can also take advantage of horizontal and vertical clipping planes, multiple light sources, a raster hard copy facility and full interactive controls from any Windows, Linux or Unix desktop. ... read more

EP Data Management - PPDM Meets GIS Without Replication

Overview of dbMap data management architecture.

Petrosys gets to the core of your EP data management by providing simultaneous access to master, project and GIS data stores with a single unified user interface.

dbMap is an industrial strength relational database built on the PPDM model that allows you to gather, assimilate, validate and organize data from a wide range of sources. It provides a secure and valid corporate knowledge bank everyone can use, and creates a hub through which diverse applications can reconcile their key outcomes, observations and assumptions. And since dbMap is open, accessible and based on the PPDM industry standard, you’re never locked into any one software vendor ... read more

Petrosys Works Across Your Entire Applications Portfolio

Petrosys provides a single mapping and surface modeling user interface that works with most of the popular geotechnical applications and project data stores as well as operating in both Windows and Linux environments. It integrates the knowledge from the wide range of specialized applications that cater for a range of different geotechnical challenges and which meet the individual preferences of generations of industry experts.

Stochastic Resource Management - Prospects and Leads

PLDB OOIP Analysis Screen

PLDB™ (Prospects and Leads Database) is a powerful enterprise solution for creating an organised, secure repository of your prospects, leads, plays and opportunities. Built for industry standard petroleum risk assessment and portfolio management workflows, PLDB provides the necessary tools for geoscientists and engineers to improve the risk and resource assessment of oil and gas exploration prospects and development projects.  ... read more

Petrosys works with Halliburton DecisionSpace and OpenWorks, LMKR Geographix, IHS Kingdom and Petra, Schlumberger Petrel and GeoFrame, Paradigm EPOS, SeisWare, ESRI ArcGIS, and DUG Insight. It has a wide range of import and export functions for integration with Eclipse, GoCad, Geolog, Microstation, and other applications. ... read more

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