“The team with the best maps wins”

– Geophysicist, European Major, on pitching prospects for development approval.


Established in 1984, Petrosys revolutionized the oil and gas industry with mapping, surface modeling, connectivity and data management products for geoscience professionals. Today, Petrosys is the industry leader – delivering direct connectivity with the E&P industry’s most popular exploration, production and GIS data sources.

Petrosys PRO

The Petrosys mapping application, Petrosys PRO, provides a map canvas on which petroleum exploration and production staff can;

  • Transform mapping standards and efficiencies across their organization with consistent, accurate and compelling maps – critical ineffective communication.
  • Produce surface models of the highest quality and reliable volume estimates by leveraging the most trusted, effective and repeatable geoscience methods.
  • Use intuitive, direct connectivity to key subsurface applications from Schlumberger, Halliburton, IHS-Markit and more. Gaining valuable insight by effortlessly combining data from multiple disciplines and datasets.



Petrosys Map Gallery

Here are some great maps Petrosys PRO users can create as layered and georeferenced PDF files. Click on the map image to download the PDF file and use the layer selection tool in Adobe Reader to access the full depth of content of the maps shown.

we are the mapping gurus

The maps displayed here in the Petrosys Map Gallery have all been created using standard Petrosys PRO software. To create a map, a user starts by selecting a style, which may be generic Petrosys PRO or customized to their corporate standards. They can then display any of the data that they want to show, allowing the system to determine the map extent or constraining the geographic extent to their preferred area of interest. As more types of information are added, the display layers are managed in a list, where they can be moved up and down, temporarily hidden, and arranged into logical groups.

A map can be published at any stage: the examples shown here have been published using the Export-to-PDF option. To get the full benefit of these maps we recommend that you download them and then use the standard Adobe Reader to view them. Adobe Reader includes a layer control tool that then lets you see the display list, as it was set up in Petrosys PRO, and to switch on and off individual layers. There is also a geospatial locator tool that can be used to browse geographical locations and to measure distances, areas, and bearings. The PDF viewing built into most web browsers will display the PDF correctly, but won’t let you access the layered structure.

Other forms of output to which Petrosys PRO can publish include direct access to Microsoft Windows printers and plotters; raster images for use in Office products, including a single button press export to Powerpoint; and CGM files for use with server-based plotting systems such as SDI, JustPlot, Larson, Zeh, and JustCGM.


Click the map images or links to download the pdf and get started!